Comparing Open vs. Enclosed Car Transport Services: Which Option Suits Your Needs?


Professional Car Carriers understands that selecting the most effective way to ship your car requires careful consideration and analysis. Each open or enclosed carrier offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks; we will discuss them here so you can make an informed decision that meets both your needs and budget.

An Economical Solution to Open Carrier Transport: An Affordable Solution

Cost is usually the primary consideration when it comes to open carrier transport for most clients, with these open-air trailers holding multiple vehicles at one time providing an economical option over enclosed carriers. At Professional Car Carriers we have successfully transported hundreds of vehicles using open carriers, providing efficient and reliable service.

Transport Your Car via Open Carriers

While open carrier transport typically presents minimal risks, it is still wise to be cognizant of potential hazards when subjecting your vehicle to adverse conditions like road debris, weather fluctuations, and flying objects which could potentially damage any exterior parts. Keep in mind, though, that actual damage from open carriers transportation has been extremely rare since 2009 with only five reported accidents per 100 thousand cars shipped since 2009.

An Enclosed Carrier Transport: A Premium Solution to Enhance Protection

Customers looking for additional protection for their cars should consider enclosed carrier transportation as an excellent solution. They offer safe spaces that protect vehicles from outside elements like road debris, dust, and extreme weather conditions; making this form of protection perfect for high-end automobiles such as luxury automobiles and classic cars with delicate paint finishes.

Professional Car Carriers is committed to the security and safety of your vehicle when traveling, using enclosed carriers equipped with advanced security features like two million dollars worth of cargo insurance as a minimum amount. Customers looking for extra peace of mind may upgrade this coverage up to 10 million dollars for greater peace of mind when transporting their precious belongings.

Cost Considerations

While enclosed transport does cost more, when choosing whether or not it will protect your investment it is crucial to factor in its worth as part of your decision-making. If your car is more than $100K worth or an intricately restored classic that has an enclosed shell then enclosed transport might be the right decision to protect your investment and safeguard its worth.

Selecting the Appropriate Automotive Maintenance Product

Your decision regarding whether to transport your vehicle with an enclosed or open-air carrier ultimately depends on personal preferences and financial considerations. At Professional Car Carriers, we provide personalized advice tailored to meet the needs of every client to ensure a hassle-free shipping experience from start to finish.

Are You Confused About Shipping Your Vehicle Are You Confused About Which Method Is Appropriate for You? Our team of knowledgeable agents are always on standby

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When selecting your mode of vehicle transport, enclosed or open transportation should be carefully considered. While open carriers offer more cost-effective options, enclosed carriers provide added protection for fragile or valuable cars. We at Professional Car Carriers takes great pride in offering exceptional services and peace of mind to each of our clients regardless of which option they select – contact us now to learn about all of our car shipping solutions and allow us to help move your car safely!

Professional Car Carriers guarantees an unparalleled car shipping experience, from start to finish. Experience it yourself and witness first-hand what the difference we can make. If you are shipping your car across Canada, for example, to and from Vancouver or Toronto, contact us for assistance.