How to Use Your Signature in Marketing Campaigns



You’ve just created a new product and want to brand it properly so that it resonates with the positive image of your company. You know that this is the era of social media marketing and visual content. However, email marketing is still one of the most widely used methods to generate new leads and promote products to existing customers. This post will tell you how to effectively use your signature in marketing campaigns by adding your personal email signature to promotional content.

The Importance of Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are a critical element of any business venture. They help build brand recognition. Good marketing strategies increase brand awareness by engaging customers, winning their support, and creating brand loyalty by word of mouth advertising and positive feedback. 

Marketing campaigns also generate leads and drive the sales effort. This is done by incorporating effective calls to action in promotional messages. Offering time-bound incentives induces customers to take action quickly by creating a sense of urgency.

Marketing campaigns must be selected after looking at the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. They must engage the customer at the right time and use the right language. They must also include means of tracking whether the campaign has met its goals or not.  For those in real estate, a well-planned real estate drip campaign can keep your potential clients engaged, ensuring your message resonates over time and helps close more deals.

Ways to  Use Email Signatures in Marketing Campaigns

We give below 9 ways to make an email signature an inherent part of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Promote Brand Awareness

One of the best ways to promote brand awareness is to use an email signature to promote your brand. You need to send a consistent message through a banner created with your email signature program. You can create a consistent impact by making the same for every employee in your firm.

  1. Use it on Social Media

You can include your personal email signature under your picture on social media. This will get you recognized and make email recipients follow you on different channels. Share interesting information that gives value to your audience. 

  1. Generate Leads

You can target potential customers by sending signed e-mails that invite them to download interesting information or attend a podcast. You can ask for information that further qualifies the candidates as potential customers.

  1. Set Appointment Bookings

You can use your email banner to schedule appointments by adding a Booking button. This is a unique and effective way to get customers to meet and interact with you in person or online.

Use it for any kind of meeting that is important for your business.

  1. Get Referrals

You can use your personal email signature as part of a message that asks audiences to refer your product to their friends or relatives- in fact, anyone who could use your brand item. You can give them an incentive like a discount for this purpose. If their referrals also refer you to others, it will increase the possibility of sales for your business.

  1. Get Feedback

One of the best ways to know what customers think about your product is to get customer reviews and feedback. You can include an email signature with a link to your feedback page stating that you value your customer feedback. Include a feedback form that makes it easier for customers to comment. Include a star rating criteria to make it more interesting.

  1.  Book Sales Meetings

If you want to make your marketing campaign more effective, you can use your email signature to book sales meetings. Add a Book a Demo button to your sales message to help potential customers get in touch with you with ease.

  1. Share Upcoming Events

Want to increase attendance in an upcoming event that is geared towards prospecting more customers? Just include your email contact link in the online advertising page that connects to event registration. This is a good strategy to use if you want to increase participation in the event. You can update it for every new event that is planned by your company.

  1. Promote Blog Posts

You can add your email signature to the most recent blog posts that you have posted on media. You can apply it to any channel that you use for advertising and promotion. The quality of your posts is what matters most of all. It will also get more traffic for your brands. 

How to Create an Effective Email Signature

The usual place for a personal email signature is at the end of your message. You can create an email banner that includes your personal and professional details such as your name, designation, and business address. You can also include your social links, your contact details, and inspirational quotes.

The purpose of including an email signature in a marketing campaign is to 

  • Give links that will enable the reader to learn more about your company.
  • Get the recipient engaged in your marketing campaign by sending a relevant message.

Artlogo is a business that helps you generate creative email signatures that can be used for your marketing campaigns. It can be also used for normal email messages. There is a possibility that it can be changed and tweaked to suit different purposes. You can add your email signature by drawing it with a mouse or light pen and then attaching it to an online document as part of a marketing message. 

You can also upload a saved image of your signature to an email message and then include it as part of the message. If you want better results for your business, you can ask one of our professional designers to create a signature for you that can be updated for every new marketing campaign by changing the message around it. Contact Artlogo today to see what they can do for you.


We have looked at the way that a personal email signature can be made an integral part of every marketing campaign run by a business. You will have to decide very carefully what are the exact elements to be included on different platforms to get the best results.