Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022

Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022

Nguyen Si Kha, a Vietnamese singer-songwriter, released his album Buried Wave in 2022 and includes the song “Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022” on it. The song is a sombre ballad on the perils of love.

Words and Music

Simple but effective, the song’s lyrics convey the sensation of being dragged into a risky romantic relationship. Kha sings on the beautiful and deadly feeling of love being like a lighter. He sings of his inability to control himself even though he knows he should avoid the situation.

The song’s lyrics are translated into plain English here:

Love is a more luminous, Bright and quick to burn. It can warm you, but it can also cause burns.

I know I should avoid it, but I just can’t resist. Despite knowing it’s risky, I can’t help but be drawn to your spark.

The vocals and melody

The song’s eerie, depressing melody wonderfully captures the tone of the words. Kha performs the song with a lot of emotion and has passionate, touching vocals.


Anyone who has ever been in a risky or poisonous relationship can relate to the song Lighter Danger. This song speaks to the strength of love and the perils of trusting our gut feelings.

Advice on How to Stay Out of Risky Relationships

The following advice may help if you are concerned about entering a risky relationship:

Acknowledge your value.

You have the right to be in a relationship with a person who values and accepts you for who you are.

Define limits.

In all relationships, but particularly in romantic ones, it’s critical to establish limits.

Share with your spouse your wants and expectations, and be ready to leave if they don’t meet them.

Pay attention to your gut feeling. You’re probably in a horrible relationship if you feel that way about it. Pay attention to your intuition.

Have a conversation with a trustworthy person.

Speak with a trustworthy friend, relative, or therapist if you are concerned about entering a risky relationship. They can assist you in creating a safety plan and recognising the warning signs of a risky connection.

In conclusion

Dark and lovely, Lighter Danger Nguyen Si Kha • Buried Wave • 2022 is a song about the perils of love. Long after you’ve stopped listening to it, the music will continue to resonate with you.

Never forget that you are not alone. At some time in their life, a lot of people enter into risky partnerships. There exist individuals that genuinely care about you and wish to assist you in leaving a hazardous relationship.