Three Tips to Be Fully Present with Your Kids

Three Tips to Be Fully Present with Your Kids

We live in a world that is filled with distractions, and many of the distractions have something to do with technology. Now, the question is how these distractions impact families and close relationships. This aspect has instigated many people to become more aware of the importance of mindfulness and being fully present with their loved ones. 

If you are a parent who works from home and is essentially self-employed, then you might already know how quickly children can grow up. It might seem like yesterday that you were pregnant, and today you have a toddler. 

Disconnect with Your Phone

The first tip for being more present with your family is disconnecting from your phone. Of course, there is a time and place for everything, which means that texts and calls can wait if your toddler is around you.

You can check the emails and texts later – once you have sent your toddler to preschool, as preschool is essential for kids to learn effective social skills and explore their interests. Nonetheless, the thing is that social media can wait too, as you can always check your Instagram later. 

Your kids—no matter how little they are—are like sponges, and they are quick to realize what you value by how you spend your time with them. The least you want is for your kids to think that you value your phone more than them. So, set a time for everything and spend more time, essentially quality time, with your kids. 

Be a Fun Parent

For some parents, having fun and being able to interact with their kids on their level comes quite naturally. However, other parents have to learn how to play and have fun with their kids. Now, if you struggle with getting to your kid’s level, you will want to know that your kids love you because, in their eyes, you are the hero. 

All your kids want to do is connect with you. It is easy to be constantly distracted by the adult things that you have to deal with, such as bills and work, but when it comes to your kids, you will want to loosen up and actually have some fun.

Don’t feel shy to be a kid again. Try out different accents when reading bedtime stories. Give them loads of hugs and loads of kisses. Don’t observe them play; be a part of it. 

Delimit Screen Time

Another thing that you can do as a parent to be fully present with your kids is to limit screen time. The thing about televisions is that they are easy and they are readily available, which is why many parents are drawn to their televisions and spend passive time instead of exploring other options and spending quality time. If you want to be fully present with your family, you should never set watching TV as a priority. Instead, go for a walk after dinner as a family – or – you can play fun board games if the weather isn’t pleasant outside.